Katherine Lee Rose Garden

     The Katherine Lee Rose Garden on the north side of the "new" courthouse was neglected for several years after Katherine Lee retired from her position as clerk of the Monroe County Commission.  She had begun the garden in the 1960's.  Since 1990, the Monroe County Commission and the Monroeville Garden Club have restored and continue to maintain the garden.  The Commission provides planting supplies and the Monroeville Garden Club works year round to keep the garden beautiful.

 In March 2011 under the leadership of Rose Garden Chairman, Dana Shinholster, it was decided to re-design the rose garden.  Jason Powell, owner of Petals from the Past Nursery, drew up a design that would invite the public into the garden to "smell the roses".
     To begin the new design, measurements were taken and stakes were put out to guide the placement of the roses.  There were 57 roses to be moved.  Each bush was cut back to half size before transplanting.  Posts were put up at the back of the garden to support five climbing roses and several new shrub roses were added.
     The next step was to make the pathway through the rose garden.  Concrete edging was put along the pathway and landscape fabric was put down.  Rocks were put in the pathway as filler and stepping stones added.  Additional roses were planted and a new arbor was put up.
     The rose garden is still under construction and hopefully will be completed in the next few months.

Dana Shinholster, Rose Garden Chairman

Dana's son, Jacolby, entertains himself as Mom and Dad work.

Edging and landscape fabric added.

New arbor being put together.

Dana giving directions on placement of stepping stones.

Loading rocks on the wheelbarrows to move to pathway.

Putting the arbor into place.

............And more rocks.

Dana's husband, Travis, has helped her throughout this project.

Only a few roses are blooming now as the season winds down but we're looking forward to next Spring  when all the roses are in full bloom in the newly designed space.
January 2012
Installation of New Sign

Rose Garden in June 2012

New benches have been added.