Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bamboo Garden Tour in Pensacola, Florida

      The Monroeville Garden Club traveled to Pensacola, Florida on Thursday, April 10, 2014, to the "Boo For You" Bamboo Garden.  The garden has over 230 varieties of bamboo available for purchase and members toured the garden to see what the plants would look like at maturity.
     Bamboo has a reputation for being invasive so many gardeners shun it, ignoring what it has to offer as an evergreen plant.  There are two main kinds of bamboos:  clumping (non-invasive) and running.  The running bamboo sends out long thin rhizomes that grow horizontally and spread quickly and this is what generally comes to mind when someone mentions bamboo.  Clumping bamboo is non-invasive and their rhizomes expand very slowly each year.
     In addition to bamboo, the nursery also carries bananas, gingers, ornamental grasses, and all sizes of dried bamboo for home projects.
     Following the bamboo garden tour, members ate lunch at Peg Leg Pete's Seafood Restaurant and then traveled to "DUH Home and Garden".  The store carries an eclectic collection of furniture and home accessories and a large selection of plants artfully arranged in the courtyard and around the property.
     Members who went on the trip were Bev Colquett, Patsy Wadlington, Gail Touchton, Dana Shinholster, Pat Hornady, Jean Booker and LeNette Knapp.

Gail Touchton examines some bamboo as the garden owner looks on.

Patsy Wadlington looks at the collection of wind chimes on the porch of the office.

(L to R):  Pat Hornady, Jean Booker, and Gail Touchton look over the garden.

 All photos below were taken at DUH.

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