Thursday, April 9, 2015

Club Travels to Baldwin County

      On April 9, 2015, the Monroeville Garden Club traveled to Baldwin County for their April meeting.  The first stop was to Silverhill Market and Garden where members enjoyed shopping for plants and unique garden accessories.  Next the group went to Robertsdale and had lunch at Ivey's Restaurant.  Afternoon stops included Green's Nursery in Fairhope which specializes in camellias and the final stop was to Wilsey's Nursery.  Members who went on the trip were Patsy Wadlington, Carolyn Hutcherson, Dana Shinholster, Laura Bodiford, Bev Colquett, Pat Hornady, Evelyn Bond, and Voncile Stringer.

Silverhill Market and Garden

Chicken wire sculpture of "lady" with floral accents.

Old trunk used as a planter

Lunch at Ivey's Restaurant

Wilsey's Nursery in Fairhope

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